Installing & Quick Setup

To install and activate your Refer a friend PREMIUM plugin:

Go to -> My Account -> Purchase History.
Click on a view details link and at the bottom, click on a link to download a plugin to your computer.
Next, go to your site:  WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New.
Click  Upload Plugin at the top.
Choose File  and select the .zip file you downloaded in step 2 and click Install now.
Activate the plugin.

In order to start using a plugin, you just need to populate “Referrer Coupon Settings” section inside plugin settings screen, which you can access by going to WordPress Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Refer a Friend. But there is a lot more to it, so continue reading rest of the articles.

Before activating the plugin, if you are already using a free version, disable & remove it or you will get a fatal error. Don’t worry, nothing will be erased.

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