Add referral link and sharing options as a lightbox after successful order

If you want to have referral link together with sharing icons showing to customers after their successful order, you can do so by following guide below:

1. First thing, install the free Popup maker plugin for your site. 

2. Create a new popup, and for "conditions" place is endpoint order-received. Like on the image below.

3. For the content, we want some text explaining the process and then add the shortcode: [WOO_GENS_RAF_ADVANCE url=""] below it, so you would have something like:

4. Under triggers, choose auto open and 500ms delay. You can remove the cookies if you want share popup to appear every time. 

5. Thats it. Now every successful order, user will see his referral link and will have ability to share it. For advance shortcode, you can specify which url to share, usually it would be some landing page or site home page, or some product you want to market. 

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