How to edit template files and keep them after plugin update?

Version 2 of the Refer a friend plugin was completely written from the scratch and now ships with the easy to edit front-end templates. So if you want to edit HTML markup, or some text on any of the front facing screen of the plugin, such as my account tab, product RAF tab, shortcode look or even emails that are sent via share or to referrals when they get the coupon reward, you can do so easily by the following guide below:

1. Create  wpgens-raf folder inside your active theme.

2. Go to the  /wpgens-refer-a-friend-premium/templates/ directory and copy files from this directory to newly made wpgens-raf folder inside your theme.

You can copy only files that you want to edit, but keep in mind that you need to follow the structure, so email templates, must be inside emails folder like it is in templates directory.

That's it. You can now safely edit files from within your theme and don't need to worry that they will be overwritten once the new update comes. It acts exactly like woocommerce templates do.

If you don't see templates folder, that means you are using an older version of the plugin, update it to 2.0.x

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