Connecting referral links with MailChimp

If you want to include users referral code in the mailing list that you are sending via MailChimp, or if you just want to send a mass email to all registered users telling them about new referral program, follow the steps below:

  1. First, read this article to generate referral links for old customers. 
  2. Install MailChimp for WordPress -
  3. Install its addon MailChimp User Sync -
  4. Once plugins are installed, you need to set them up. Go to MailChimp for WP and enter MailChimp API key.  Get your API key here.
  5. If all is good, you will see Status Connected in green.
  6. Go to User Sync Screen. Choose the list you want to sync to. IMPORTANT: If you only see the First and Last name. Make sure that your list has defined the field for a referral code. By default when creating a list inside MailChimp, you have only Email, First and Last name. What you want to do is add one more field, by clicking on that List -> Settings -> List Fields. You will see a screen like below. Just add a new text field and hit save.
  7. If you added a new field in MailChimp just now, you need to fetch the list again by going to MailChimp for WP plugin and clicking on the renew MailChimp List button. 
  8. Now under "User Sync" screen, there is send additional fields. Choose gens_referral_id as user meta and on the right connect it to the newly made MailChimp field. 
  9. If you just installed the plugin and want to sync old users, there is a "Manual Sync" button below, that should sync all existing users.
  10. Now you can use referral code in your email. Make sure to add it inside a link after ?raf=, for example, if your referral tag is RAFCODE, a link should be:*|RAFCODE|*
  11. That's all, make sure to test it out before sending.

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