How to use Contact Form 7 shortcode?

Refer a friend comes with the Contact Form 7 shortcode [gens_raf] .The way it works is that it allows your users to send personalized messages via contact form 7 to their friends, and referral link will show at the end of email or where you place shortcode in the email body. Usually you want to create some page which will hold this form. At the top of the page you can add some text like "Use this form to invite your friends, in exchange, every time they make a purchase, we will award you with the coupon". Then below you would place the form. 

Form needs to have shortcode added in 2 places:

1. Inside Form Tab:

2. Inside Mail Tab:

This will ensure that once customer sends an email, it will be sent to his friend with custom message and subject. Make sure "To" is a friends email field. 

This shortcode was introduced in the first version of Refer a friend before email sharing was an option. But its still powerful as it enables you to allow customers to add custom text which email sharing does not allow in current state. But thats also subject to change in one of the future patches.

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