Step 6: Configuring Emails

You can configure the content of email templates by going to the Email tab under Refer a Friend Settings. You can also configure the top logo by adding it under WooCommerce Settings -> Emails tab -> Header Image at the bottom.

There are 2 different emails that Refer a Friend can send after a successful order. The first one is a coupon code sent to the person that referred a friend, while the second one is a coupon code sent to the referred person - IF you check to enable this option.

As for the look of email templates, 2.0 version of the plugin comes with nicely styled email templates that you can use. Or if you prefer to use WooCommerce email templates, just check the first option. The look of both email templates (one for coupon codes and one for sharing is shown below).

Besides the content, you can change the colors, header logo (Pokemon in our case), and footer text/copyright These are all defined under WooCommerce Settings -> bottom of the "Emails" tab. We are using WooCommerce fields for those options to keep it within the same place as your other WooCommerce emails.

You can easily make direct changes to email template files. Just copy the file that you want to change from the templates folder of the plugin to the /wpgens-raf/ folder under your active theme folder, and any change you do to these files will stay after the plugin is updated. Just like it's done with the WooCommerce files.

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