Step 5: Sharing Options

Refer a friend PREMIUM plugin enables your customers to share their referral codes through most popular social networks and via email. Depending on your theme, Refer a friend tab on my account and product page, including advanced shortcode, should look like this:

The admin part has options which will allow you to change some of these settings:

Twitter via: Just add your Twitter username here. 

Twitter and WhatsApp Title: This is the default text that will appear as a title for Twitter and WhatsApp share. 

Email Subject: Subject of the email. You can use {{name}} tag here to place first and the last name of a person that is sharing. 

Email Headings: Enter the email headings. It is shown above body text in bigger fonts. Use {{name}} to show senders name. Use {{friend_name}} to show the name of a friend to whom referrer is sending an email.

Email Body: Body text of the email that is sent when a user shares his referral URL via email. Use {{name}} to have persons first and last name in the email. Check the look of the email by sending the email to yourself.

Send via Referrer email: Checking this will use referrers email instead of yours as a sent from email, but be aware as Gmail might mark these emails as a spam so test it out.

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