Step 4: Showing referral code

Every registered user has a couple of ways to access his referral link and share it with their friends:

  1. My Account page - Refer a friend Tab.
  2. Products page - Refer a friend Tab
  3. Landing page - custom made with shortcode.

MyAccount Page

These options are used for “My Account” page that every user that has registered with your WooCommerce site has access to. On this page, there will be “Refer a friend” tab where a user can check his referral stats.

My Account Page Share Link - Paste page URL that you want your users to use for sharing their referral link. Maybe you want to push a specific product, or if not, then you can just leave it empty and it will be set to your site home page. You can also create some landing page and use that page as a landing page for users coming through referral links, explaining some benefits from coming through a referral link? Maybe... 

Text Before - This is text that is shown above share icons. HTML allowed.

Products Page

If you want to have “Refer a friend” tab on each product, go to plugin settings -> Woo Product Tab and enable this option.  Click here and log in to see how it looks like. You have two options here, one is text to place above share links, some call to action text. And the second one is guest text that will show for users that are not logged in.

Landing Page

The logic behind this is to create custom page that will have Refer a Friend advanced shortcode in it, which then shows both referral link and sharing icons. You can customize this page to show rewards for sharing as well, and some explanation. 

Here are some sites using it this way:

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