Step 1: General Options

Settings screen is located under WooCommerce > Settings > Refer a Friend Tab, or just click “Settings” link on plugins page, after installing the plugin. 

Most settings are self-explained inside the Settings page, but the extended explanation is written below:

Disable – If this box is checked, referral links won’t work, and coupons won’t be generated.

Cookie Time – Once the user comes to your site via a referral link, a cookie is saved on his browser. As long as cookie stays, a person who referred him will get the reward. Once cookie expires, reward(coupon) won’t be generated and that order won’t be marked as a referral order.

Minimum referral order – Set how much someone needs to purchase in order to generate a coupon for the referral. Leave blank to disable this option.

Single Purchase – If this is checked, a cookie will be removed after a successful order. If this option is unchecked, next time this customer makes another purchase, if cookie didn’t expire by itself, he would again generate a reward for the person that referred him.

Enable referral links for guests – If this is checked, guests will be able to generate referral links for themselves using their email. This options will enable guests to have referral link through the use of their email.

Referral codes – This option will give your users ability to share besides their referral links, their personal coupon codes, which their friend will add as a coupon during checkout to get discount, while the user will get a new referral and once the order is complete, a coupon as well. So it acts just like referral links, except that its added through coupon code. The value of the coupon is defined at the bottom of the "Referred Person Coupon Settings" tab. The coupon code of the "Referral Coupons applied on first purchase" section. It looks like the image below:

WooCommerce Subscription –‎ Refer a friend is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin. Check this to enable auto applying of coupons to subscription renewal. Works with payment gateways that support recurring total modifications. The way it works is that during renewal, it will automatically apply the coupon code to the renewal order if the user has coupon codes from referrals. If coupon value equals renewal price, they will get a free subscription for that period.  

WooCommerce Subscription Apply All Coupons - this option enabled will apply all available coupons during the subscription renewal, up to the amount of the subscription order. So if user has more coupons than what the subscription costs, those coupons will be left for next renewal. 

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